Key Information

Essential information about our Personal Contract Hire agreements.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

Personal Contract Hire is a product for an individual who wants fixed-cost motoring and is confident about the mileage and condition of the vehicle over a set period of time. It's an easy and cost-effective way to pay for a vehicle and is one of the best ways to control one of your larger monthly costs. Personal Contract Hire is available with or without a maintenance package. A maintenance package will give you further fixed-cost motoring with no hidden extras.


Key Considerations

Personal Contract Hire is a fixed-term, fixed-mileage rental agreement. This can make budget planning easier. You do not own or have the option to own the vehicle during or at the end of the agreement.

The vehicle must be insured with fully comprehensive cover.

Maintenance of a vehicle can be included in the monthly rental making it easier to budget. Maintenance contracts cover routine servicing, wear and tear parts (e.g., bulbs, brake pads, exhausts, etc.) MOT’s and tyres (including punctures). If you choose not to take maintenance, you must ensure the vehicle is serviced and maintained at your expense.

If you exceed your agreed total mileage, an excess mileage charge will be payable, worked out on a 'pence per mile' basis as set out at the start of your contract. Please think about your mileage carefully, taking into account personal as well as business miles.

Any offences (e.g., speeding, parking, penalty notices, etc.) are your responsibility and may incur an additional administration fee if not settled directly by you. 

A Personal Contract Hire agreement can be terminated before the end of the agreement. However, there will be charges to do this.

The vehicle is expected to be returned in a well-maintained and suitable condition according to the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guidelines. Any damage over and above these guidelines will be subject to additional charges.

Your only definite option at the end of the contract is to return the vehicle. You need to understand that extending the contract beyond the original term is not guaranteed. There is no depreciation or disposal risk. Once you return the vehicle to us, you are free to lease or purchase another vehicle without any outstanding financial obligation.

All figures are liable to change during your agreement if the VAT rate changes.


Explanation of your quotation

Please be confident before proceeding that you understand each element of your quotation. A brief overview of each section is detailed below:

Vehicle Description. Make and model of the vehicle chosen by you, including specifics relating to the gearbox, fuel type and drive train of your chosen vehicle.

Factory Fitted Options. Optional extras over and above the standard specification of the vehicle chosen by you. 

Contract Term. The duration of your agreement (in months) commencing from the date your vehicle is delivered to you. All agreements are for a fixed term, fixed mileage.

Contract Mileage. As specified by you, annual mileage is fixed for the agreement term. Please be realistic with your requirements to minimise the possibility of excess mileage charges.

Initial Rental. An advance payment that is typically equivalent to a number of monthly rentals, e.g., 1, 3, 6 or 9. This payment forms part of the contract and is non-refundable. The higher the initial payment, then the lower your regular monthly payment.

Monthly Finance Rental. The fixed monthly payment for the lease of the vehicle.

Monthly Maintenance Rental. Where applicable, the portion of the total monthly rental is attributable to the service and maintenance package cost.

Total Monthly Rental. The sum of the finance rental plus, where applicable, the maintenance rental. The Total Rental amount will be taken by Direct Debit each month.

Excess Mileage Charge. Each mile travelled in excess of the contract mileage will attract a cost shown as pence per mile. This figure is indicative and will be confirmed in your agreement.


Quotation Acceptance

This quotation is not a contractual offer and may be subject to any changes in vehicle prices, interest rates or government legislation. Figures are subject to vehicle availability and credit approval.

If you proceed with this transaction, we will process your application for finance and conduct searches with appropriate credit reference agencies who will keep a record of these searches.


Cancellation Rights

If you cancel the Order, any vehicle processing fee paid will not qualify for a refund if credit has been secured, matching the terms of the Order. If credit is approved on different terms, you may be entitled to a refund, or partial refund, of the processing fee.

You have the right to cancel the order without penalty within 14 days from the date you placed your order via a confirmation email or via the website as per Consumer Contracts (Information/ Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations.


Cancellation Fees

The following cancellation fees will apply for cancellations falling outside of the 14-day period.

  • After order but prior to 14 calendar days - Nil.
  • After signing finance company documents prior to delivery - £200, including VAT.


Suitability and Affordability

We aim to tailor our service appropriately for those customers who may be particularly vulnerable due to their circumstances. If you have a disability, a physical or mental health condition, or need extra support, please let us know, and we will do our best to help you.

Please ensure you have sufficient time and support to assess the information we provide you and ensure the car and lease agreement you choose suits and meets your requirements. If you are unsure, please ask us for further explanations. We're here to provide any extra help or support you may need.

Remember, you should only enter into a lease agreement if you can comfortably afford the monthly car payments.

You should assess the monthly payments you must make throughout the agreement term and ensure you can meet these and other current obligations without suffering undue hardship. If you are aware of any changes in your life or household circumstances that may affect your ability to maintain your loan repayments, please inform us.


The Initial Disclosure Document

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the UK's independent financial services regulator.

The FCA's responsibility is to ensure that customers are treated fairly. Their principle of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is embedded in every area of our day-to-day activity. We aim to offer genuine value for money, to treat customers with respect and integrity, and to make us easy to do business with.

The FCA legally requires us to provide you with an Initial Disclosure Document (IDD) to ensure transparency. This document has a few purposes, the main one being to ensure that we provide you with key information about us as a company, what we charge for our services, the products and services we offer, and how we are regulated.

The IDD also provides information on what to do if you have a complaint.

You can find our Initial Disclosure Document here.